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1.Perhaps the fact that many of these first studies considered only algae(水藻)of a size that could be collected in a net (net phytoplankton), a practice that overlooked the smaller phytoplankton(浮游植物群落)that we now know grazers are most likely to feed on, led to a de-emphasis of the role of grazers in subsequent research.


2."The biggest construction project of this century", explained French President Francois Mitterand in January, 1986 as he and then British prime minister Margaret Thatcher jointly announced that the two countries would finally overcome ancient quarrels and prejudices and forge a link across the narrow Channel separating them.

答案:1986年1月,法国总统弗兰西斯。 密特朗解释说:“这是本世纪最大的建设项目。”当时,他和英国首相玛格丽特。撒切尔一起宣布两国将克服一直以来的争论和偏见,铺设一条横穿分隔两国的狭长海峡的地下隧道。

3.Neither Ayat nor the Rassoul brothers noticed, however, that most of the pieces they were selling were of a type not previously seen in the marketplace-pieces whose existence had been suspected but which had not yet been discovered by archaeologists.


4.The defense lawyer relied on long-standing principles governing the conduct of prosecuting attorneys: as quasi-judicial officers of the court they are under a duty not to prejudice a party's case through overzealous prosecution or to detract from the impartiality of courtroom atmosphere.


5.However, when investment flows primarily in one direction, as it generally does from industrial to developing countries, the seemingly reciprocal source-based restrictions produce revenue sacrifices primarily by the state receiving most of the foreign investment and producing most of the income-namely, the developing country partner.


6.With respect to their reasons for immigrating, Grassy does not deny their frequently noted fact that some of the immigrants of the 1630's, most notably the organizers and clergy, advanced religious explanations for departure, but he finds that such explanations usually assumed primacy only in retrospect.


7.It was possible to demonstrate by other methods refined structural differences among neuron types, however, proof was lacking that the quality of the impulse or its conduction was influenced by these differences, which seemed instead to influence the developmental patterning of the neural circuits.


8.Of course, it would be as dangerous to overreact to history by concluding that the majority must now be wrong about expansion as it would be to reenact the response that greeted the suggestion that the continents had drifted.


9.In traditional Chinese family culture, descendants of several generations from the same ancestor lived together and formed a big family system. This kind of autonomous family system was the basic unit of traditional Chinese society. Chinese children follow their father's family name. This is the same as western culture. Nowadays in China it is legally fine for a child to follow either father’s family name or mother's family name. Within each family system, of course people except those who joined this family system through marriage all have the same family name.

答案:在传统的中国家庭文化中,同一祖先的几代后裔(descendants)居住在一起,形成一个大家庭。这种自治(autonomous) 家族制度是中国传统社会的基本单位。中国的孩子们跟随他们父亲的姓。这和西方文化是一样的。如今在中国,孩子跟父亲的姓或母亲的姓在法律上都是合法的。除了那些因为结婚加入到家庭中的人以外,人们的姓氏都是一样的。

10.During the nineteenth century, she argues, the concept of the "useful" child who contributed to the family economy gave way gradually to the present day notion of the "useless" child who, though producing no income for, and indeed extremely costly to its parents, is yet considered emotionally "priceless".


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