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2021-03-26 16:26

1.His thesis works relatively well when applied to discrimination against Blacks in the United States, but his definition of racial prejudice as "racially-based negative prejudgments against a group generally accepted as a race in any given region of ethnic competition," can be interpreted as also including hostility toward such ethnic groups as the Chinese in California and the Jews in medieval Europe.


2.It is not quite a matter of disagreeing with the theory of independence, but of rejecting its implications: that the romances may be taken in any or no particular order, that they have no cumulative effect, and that they are as separate as the works of a modern novelist.


3.Since different people like to do so many different things in their spare time, we could make a long list of hobbies, taking in everything from collecting matchboxes and raising rare fish, to learning about the stars and making model ships.


4.The teacher was not wrong to draw attention to the errors, but if his priorities had centred on the child's ideas, an expression of his disappointment with the presentation would have given the pupil more motivation to seek improvement.


5.It may have been a sharp criticism of the pupil's technical abilities in writing, but it was also a sad reflection on the teacher who had omitted to read the essay, which contained some beautiful expressions of the child’s deep feelings.


6.At the early attempts, the cable failed and when it was taken out for repairs it was found to be covered in living growths, a fact which defied contemporary scientific opinion that there was no life in the deeper parts of the sea.


7.The first time that the question "What is at the bottom of the oceans?" had to be answered with any commercial consequence was when the laying of a telegraph cable from Europe to America was proposed.


8.Computer technology enabled the researchers to obtain precise measurements of the volume of the front and side sections of the brain, which relate to intellect(智能)and emotion, and determine the human character.


9.The key thing is to catch the bar worker's eyes. You could also hold an empty glass or some money, but do not wave them about. Do adopt an expectant, hopeful, even slightly anxious facial expression.


10.You are permitted to try to attract attention, but there are rules about how to do this. Do not call out, tap coins on the counter, snap your finger or wave like a drowning swimmer. Do not scowl or sigh or roll your eyes.


11.Decision must be made very rapidly; physical endurance is tested as much as perception, because an enormous amount of time must be spent making certain that the key figures act on the basis of the same information and purpose.


12.How can the European Union contribute to the development of a European film and television program industry which is competitive in the world market, forward-looking and capable of radiating the influence of European culture and of creating jobs in Europe?


13.Ching Ming Festival (the Tomb-sweeping Festival), the custom is full of interesting. In addition to pay attention to ban fire, tomb-sweeping, as well as spring outing, swinging, Cuju, playing polo, Liu inserted a series of custom sports. According to legend, this is because the Ching Ming Festival to Cold Food Observance ban fire, in order to prevent the Cold Food Observance buffet beverages, so we come to participate in some sports, in order to exercise. Therefore, this festival which has both the acid tears of sorrow for the died and the laughter from the players, is a distinctive holiday.


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