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2021-03-26 16:25

1.What makes a home? Love, sympathy and confidence. It is a place where kindly affections exist among all the members of the family. The parents take good care of their children, and the children are interested in the activities of their parents. Thus all of them are bound together by affection, and they find their home to be the cheeriest place in the world.

A home without love is no more a home than a body without a soul is aman. Every civilized person is a social being. No one should live alone. A man may lead a successful and prosperous life, but prosperity alone can by no means insure happiness. Many great personages in the world history had deep affections for their homes.

Your home may be poor and humble, but your duty lies there. You should try to make it cheerful and comfortable. The greater the difficulties are, the richer your reward will be.

答案:何以为家?家就是爱、支持和信任。家,是其成员之间温馨情感共存之处,父母给孩子以呵护,孩子也关注父母的行为。父母和孩子因爱而紧密相连,家成为世上最令人愉悦的地方。 没有爱的家庭,如同没有灵魂的躯体,也就不能称其为“家”。作为社会的一员,没人能独自生存。一个人可能过着成功而富足的生活,但锦衣玉食并不一定就幸福。世界历史上的许多伟人都对家有着深深的眷恋。


2.There are things that parents can do at home to encourage children' s creativity. They can involve children in decision-making if the problem is appropriate, and ask children for suggestions. Parents should also encourage their children to talk out loud about things they are doing, for talking out loud improves language skills and thinking skills. It is also very important to give children choices. From the earliest age, children should be allowed to make decisions and understand their consequences. Even if it' s choosing between two food items for lunch, decision-making helps thinking skills.


3.What is your favourite colour? Do you like yellow, orange, red? If you do, you must be an optimist, a leader,an active person who enjoys life, people and excitement. Do you prefer greys and blues? Then you are probablyquiet, shy, and you would rather follow than lead. You tend to be a pessimist. At least, this is what psychologists tell us, and they should know, because they have been seriously studying the meaning of colour preference, as well as the effect that colours have on human beings. They tell us, among other facts, that we do not choose our favourite colour as we grow up--we are born with our preference. If you happen to love brown, you did so, as soon as you opened your eyes, or at least as soon as you could see clearly.


4.I think a teacher should have the kind of mind which always wants to go on learning. Teaching is a job at which one will never be perfect; there is always something more to learn about it. There are three main subjects of study:the subject or subjects which the teacher is teaching; the methods by which they can best be taught to the pupils in the classes he is teaching; --by far the most important--the children, young people or adults to whom they are to be taught. The two main principles of British education today are that education is education of the whole person, and that it is best acquired through full and active cooperation between two persons, the teacher and the learner.


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